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Signatrix and Visual Intelligence
What is AI and how do I benefit as a retailer?

Artificial Intelligence enables devices, such as cameras, to independently perform tasks that usually require human action and careful attention. Brick & mortar stores can greatly benefit from a real-time intelligent assistance for detecting incidents and having an in-depth understanding of the entire store. Artificial Intelligence powered Computer vision technology is uniquely equipped to observe the goings-on of stores in a continuous and consistent manner, to allow staff to focus on the moments when they are actually needed.

What is the Signatrix AI Suite?

The Signatrix AI Suite offers retailers and integrators a flexible and extendable solution to augment existing and future security infrastructure with state-of-the-art computer vision capabilities. Our holistic platform approach provides a hand-crafted selection of powerful use-case applications - all from one hand and powered by one device in your store. An intuitive dashboard allows testing and deploying use-case applications, full control of alerts and store signals, easy access to recorded evidence of store incidents, and valuable insights through aggregated store data.

Why choose a platform solution over just single use cases?

The retail business is rarely static. Requirements, goals and needs of retail stores can change anytime. A platform solution offers you the flexibility and scalability to adapt to these changes in a simple and cost-effective way. While single use cases address only single, specific challenges, a platform approach lays a solid foundation for quickly rolling out a variety of use case solutions on-demand.

Is Signatrix AI Suite already working?

Yes! Signatrix solutions are used by clients worldwide and are deployed in 28 countries across Europe and America. Signatrix solutions are live at over 15.000 checkouts.

Is Signatrix for me?

Signatrix creates solutions for brick-and-mortar retail stores. If you want to employ intelligent assistance and gain a deeper insight into your store, then Signatrix is for you. The Signatrix AI Suite is not limited to supermarkets and grocery stores. Get in touch and let’s talk shops.

We are an integrator and want to cooperate. How does that work?

Approach us! We offer various solutions on setting up hardware depending on capabilities, country, pricing, privacy requirements etc. This could be hardware we set up in our offices, hardware that comes prepared from one of our suppliers, or you can set it up directly. We have comprehensive documentation that will guide you through the configuration steps for each of our Apps and guide you through basic troubleshooting steps. We prefer guiding our partners at a first installation so all parties involved get a better understanding of the deployment process. This would, for example, include best camera placement in the store, what is the best configuration and how to adjust sensitivity to what the user of the system needs.

You are based in Germany. Can we still work with you from outside of Germany?

Of course! While we are headquartered in Berlin, we work with partners and clients from other countries, including the USA. Just get in touch with us to discuss any details.

Platform & Apps
What is an App in the Signatrix AI Suite?

An App provides a solution for a specific use case within the store. The Signatrix platform approach allows you to deploy single Apps or a combination of Apps according to your specific needs.

What does the deployment process look like? How long does it take?

Deploying a system can be as easy as connecting cameras and alarm systems to our hardware and entering the addresses into our web interface. Especially to new customers we recommend an optimisation phase where we prepare an individual optimized recognition that will be tailored to your store to reach optimal accuracy in recognition which might add around 2 weeks of data gathering to the process.

Will I need to replace my existing cameras?

The power of Visual Intelligence lies first and foremost in great software. Signatrix creates Artificial Intelligence Software and we integrate with your existing infrastructure. But if you do need additional cameras or are interested in updating your CCTV system, we are happy to offer our trusted partners' hardware components.

How can I access my Dashboard?

The Dashboard is your central hub to manage all the elements of your Visual Intelligence system. You can simply access it through your web browser on a device of your choice.

Do you only make Loss Prevention Apps?

No. Loss Prevention is a central point of interest for most stores and Signatrix offers solutions to increase the security and decrease loss through theft. But beyond that, your store’s cameras have the potential to give you a deeper understanding of your store and your customers. Signatrix offers Apps to help you unlock this potential and transform it into actionable insights.

Can I use third-party Apps with Signatrix AI Suite?

Yes, you can! We have support for various third party apps and APIs and are constantly working on expanding our portfolio. Want to know whether we are supporting your software? Feel free to approach us and we will check what is possible!

How accurate are your Apps?

Accuracy in visual recognition is a tricky measurement. A change in lighting situation or a changed advertisement banner in the background can change the accuracy of a system. While many factors like these can influence the accuracy of a system, our tools are well equipped to adapt to your environment and provide the configurability to satisfy the user of the system.

Privacy & Security
How do you ensure secure processing of our data?

We are strongly committed to security and carefully observe GDPR compliance as a data processor and provide you with the required documentation for assessment and compliance, which has been developed together with our Data Privacy Officer (e.g. Data Processing Agreement, data privacy FAQs, …). Additionally, we observe high technical security standards as lined out in our Technical and Organizational Measures.

Where is data stored and for how long?

Only data relevant to the chosen apps is processed and saved. And video data from live operation is stored locally in your store for only a few seconds and then discarded. Especially for anti-theft purposes, the archive of the evidence is stored in our private cloud with a European server location, for as long as you require it to be saved. The storage duration should be limited to the absolute minimum necessary. After this time period we ensure deletion of your data.

Do I need to prepare a data protection impact assessment?

According to Art. 35 (3) c of the GDPR, a data protection impact assessment is particularly necessary, for example, if there is systematic, extensive monitoring of publicly accessible areas. For example, if you use our solutions in the entrance area of your shop and do not have us activate any risk-minimising measures, such as the appropriate limitation of the storage period, a data protection impact assessment may be necessary. In any case, you should discuss the issue with your internal data protection officer before implementing our solution.

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