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Your entire store at your fingertips

Platform Components

Your individual Visual Intelligence Playground adaptable to your store's specific needs

Signatrix aggregates all of your CCTV's knowledge in one single place. The Signatrix AI Platform is your central hub for your store's Visual Intelligence system. Add and fine-tune use-case Apps, review incidents, and truly understand your store and your customers through valuable analytics.

Customisable real-time notifications
Efficient and filterable access to evidence
Unintrusive in-store signals
Hassle-free configuration of all components
Real-time notifications
Instant knowledge of store incidents
Act instantly on incidents requiring your attention trough notifications of your choice. You decide which incidents warrant a notification, which medium is used and who the recipients are.
In-store alerts
Unintrusive visual or audio store alerts
Protect your store from theft or simple mistakes without compromising on customer experience. Guide customers along correct paths through audio or visual signals in the store.
Forensic Analysis
Review evidence of recorded incidents
Easy access to detected incidents for store staff and management. Find what you need to see via smart filters. Mark, comment on and share relevant incident recordings with your team.
Actionable Analytics
Insights through aggregated data
Understand and improve your store. Aggregated analytics let you find unknown potential in your store, identify recurring trends, or validate promotional success. Filter the data according to your needs and create insights you can act upon.
Deploy and manage Apps with ease
Intuitive and clutter-free process to test and deploy new Apps in your store and change the settings of existing Apps. Fine-tune Apps for your cameras and manage access roles.


Our engineers work closely with you to decide on the ideal solution for your specific store. To ensure a seamless process, we work with your existing integrators and established partners.



Dock on your existing cameras and easily integrate new ones. We take care of all Machine Learning Operations for you.



One piece of multi-purpose hardware for the entire store. A one-time installation unlocks all cameras.



Assured GDPR Compliance and secure on-premise processing

We've got the answersanswers to your questions

What is the Signatrix AI Suite?

The Signatrix AI Suite offers retailers and integrators a flexible and extendable solution to augment existing and future security infrastructure with state-of-the-art computer vision capabilities. Our holistic platform approach provides a hand-crafted selection of powerful use-case applications - all from one hand and powered by one device in your store. An intuitive dashboard allows testing and deploying use-case applications, full control of alerts and store signals, easy access to recorded evidence of store incidents, and valuable insights through aggregated store data.

Why choose a platform solution over just single use cases?

The retail business is rarely static. Requirements, goals and needs of retail stores can change anytime. A platform solution offers you the flexibility and scalability to adapt to these changes in a simple and cost-effective way. While single use cases address only single, specific challenges, a platform approach lays a solid foundation for quickly rolling out a variety of use case solutions on-demand.

Will I need to replace my existing cameras?

The power of Visual Intelligence lies first and foremost in great software. Signatrix creates Artificial Intelligence Software and we integrate with your existing infrastructure. But if you do need additional cameras or are interested in updating your CCTV system, we are happy to offer our trusted partners' hardware components.

How can I access my Dashboard?

The Dashboard is your central hub to manage all the elements of your Visual Intelligence system. You can simply access it through your web browser on a device of your choice.

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