Remaking Retail

Visual Intelligence for Brick-and-Mortar Stores

We use Artificial Intelligence to analyse what is happening in your store — automatically and in real-time. Eliminating the knowledge gap between offline and online stores one app at a time

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Every unmonitored CCTV camera is a missed opportunity

Let's fix that together

Loss Prevention
Store Management
Customer Insights
Detect objects, customer movements and any irregular behaviour using state-of-the-art AI apps.
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AI Software

  • We

    Provide the right hard- and software environment for each individual store

  • We

    Work with existing integrators and infrastructure and take care of all
    Machine Learning operations

  • You

    Benefit from your tailor-made Visual Intelligence Playground


Pick the right setup for your store, install one piece of hardware, start profiting and never think about AI requirements again


Signatrix takes care of hardware provisioning, maintenance, and all ML operations

App Deployment

Deploy Apps across all in-store IP cameras. Use preexisting cameras for a bird's-eye view and deploy new ones for specific insights

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