The Visual Intelligence Engine for your store

Artificial Intelligence to analyse what is happening in your store - automatically and in real-time.

Every unmonitored CCTV camera is a missed opportunity

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AI Software

Intelligent assistance for brick-and-mortar retail stores and full access to in-store incidents

Effortless Integration


We work with existing integrators and infrastructure and take care of all hardware provisioning and Machine Learning operations.

One single Deployment


We provide the right hard- and software environment for each individual store. One single piece of hardware unlocks a multitude of use case Apps.

Rapid App Deployment


Benefit from your tailor-made Visual Intelligence Playground. Deploy Apps across all in-store IP cameras with ease.

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Retail expertise and technological skill

Our dedicated team combines technological excellence with many years of retail insight.

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We've got the answersanswers to your questions

What is AI and how do I benefit as a retailer?

Artificial Intelligence enables devices, such as cameras, to independently perform tasks that usually require human action and careful attention. Brick & mortar stores can greatly benefit from a real-time intelligent assistance for detecting incidents and having an in-depth understanding of the entire store. Artificial Intelligence powered Computer Vision technology is uniquely equipped to observe the goings-on of stores in a continuous and consistent manner, to allow staff to focus on the moments when they are actually needed.

What is the Signatrix Ai Suite?

The Signatrix AI Suite offers retailers and integrators a flexible and extendable solution to augment existing and future security infrastructure with state-of-the-art computer vision capabilities. Our holistic platform approach provides a hand-crafted selection of powerful use-case applications - all from one hand and powered by one device in your store. An intuitive dashboard allows testing and deploying use-case applications, full control of alerts and store signals, easy access to recorded evidence of store incidents, and valuable insights through aggregated store data.

Is Signatrix for me?

Signatrix creates solutions for brick-and-mortar retail stores. If you want to employ intelligent assistance and gain a deeper insight into your store, then Signatrix is for you. The Signatrix AI Suite is not limited to supermarkets and grocery stores. Get in touch and let’s talk shops.

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