Signatrix Manifesto

June 24, 2022

If you had to name one quintessential human trait — what would it be?  Bipedal movement? Tell that to the kangaroo. Rationality? Try outsmarting dolphins. Language? That depends on which chimpanzee you ask.

The quintessential human trait is, in fact, an activity: shopping. Oh yes. We’ve been doing it since the dawn of civilisation. We’ve been purposely building places for it and called them agoras, souks, bazaars, or shopping malls. We’ve been going there on our feet and on horses, on bicycles and in our cars. Eras have come and gone, religions and empires. Yet through the ages there we are, going shopping and buying the stock of life.

Seen in this light, the rise of e-commerce and home delivery isn’t a ›disruption‹: It’s an earth-shattering revolution happening before our eyes. For the first time in human history, we don’t have to leave our dwellings anymore to survive. And why should we? Compared to the department stores of old — and the comfort of our couches — today’s retail stores and supermarkets simply don’t look that appealing. More often than not, staff are too busy to talk to you, let alone help you find what you need. Nosy detectives and physical barriers tarnish the shopping experience (and still can’t prevent the billions incurring in annual losses). At least the queues have gotten shorter, as more and more people don’t show up anymore. As with every coin, however, there is another side indeed. Online shopping means more time spent in front of a screen and less time in the world. You’re looking at flat representations instead of the actual goods; spontaneity is left to algorithms; and the genuine joy of discovery is hard to chance upon.

That’s why at Signatrix we believe in retail, and we have made it our mission to remake it. Signatrix docks on your existing infrastructure, making it ›smart‹ in a matter of weeks.

Connecting with your security cameras, we use Artificial Intelligence to analyse whatever is happening in your store — automatically and in real-time. Once Signatrix is put in place, it will integrate seamlessly into your workflows — and deliver immediate results.

Signatrix is remaking the retail experience into something inviting. Knowing that we’ve got their backs, your staff can finally focus on their most important task: serving customers. Floor management doesn‘t have to worry about replacing items so that now, they can focus on the big picture instead. And intrusive security measures like the good old Electronic Article Surveillance can be discarded so that visitors feel welcome again at last.

Signatrix is remaking retail facilities into Smart Stores. In terms of efficiency, e-commerce has a built-in advantage: online, there are no shelves to restock and no customer theft or vandalism to worry about. Now Signatrix is levelling the playing field: by putting the AI into retail. Keeping an eye out at all times, our systems will alert personnel to anything irregular, be it suspicious activity or an empty shelf.

Signatrix helps traditional businesses and young savages transform into future-ready homes. In recent years, we have equipped thousands of retailers with tools for the digital future. We help create the best possible shopping experience, whether in a single brick-and-mortar shop or through omnichannel integration. We work closely with our clients to develop newly tailored solutions for their shops, unlocking their most important potential. Together we are building the marketplaces of tomorrow, full of discovery, inspiration and encounter.

From the agora to the mall, the act of going shopping has always been an essential human activity. Signatrix is here to help keep it that way.

Signatrix. Remaking Retail.

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